GAW World Data Centre for Reactive Gases (WDCRG)

The World Data Centre for Reactive Gases (WDCRG) is the data repository and archive for reactive gases of the World Meteorological Organisation’s (WMO) Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) programme. The WDCRG was established January 1. 2016 and took over the responsibility of this part of the GAW programme after Japan Meteorological Agency (which continue to host the World Data Centre on Greenhouse Gases – WDCGG.The first ordinary data reporting deadline was by end 2016 (data for 2015), and data for 2020 are due by 31. Dec 2021.

The reactive gases to be hosted at WDCRG are: SO2, Oxidized nitrogen species, Ozone (tropospheric) and VOCs (list to be extended as additional variables are added to the monitoring efforts).

To browse for data submitted to WDCRG, please visit, then select “GAW-WDCRG” in the “Framework” filter on the top left. Please note that data submitted to WDCRG appear in the database with some delay, since the processing of files, quality checks etc takes weeks to months. Note also that some historic time series previously submitted to WDCGG are made available under the Framework “GAW-WDCRG_Legacy”. These are data for which full documentation is not available, and they should thus be used with care.

GAW-WDCRG utilize the EBAS data infrastructure at NILU, and the procedures and formats etc follow the same approach as for GAW-WDCA, EMEP and ACTRIS

Below is some initial information, and for comments and questions, please contact Kjetil Tørseth (… kt … @ … …)

–        Instructions and templates for data submissions are found at:

–        As NILU hosts databases for several projects and programmes, the meta-data are used to document the association of data to these, and further to regulate the access to data, tracking data use etc. For this reason, data originators MUST as part of their metadata specifically indicate to which programme the data are reported. One can list several affiliations at once, and as such report the same dataset to multiple databases (e.g. “GAW-WDCRG EMEP ACTRIS” to assign data to these three programmes). Reactive gases data intended for GAW must have the Project association (Line 5 of the data header) “GAW-WDCRG”. 

– Data reported in near-real-time need to have the Project association “GAW-WDCRG_NRT”. Further instructions will be provided to data originators who wish to implement NRT dataflow (contact pe…@… 

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